Spring Life Church exists to lead all those searching for the Living Spring of Water

(John 4:13-14) that gives:

A. Rest from the Past

Life happens. Everyone makes mistakes.  We all have been hurt, hurt others, hurt ourselves and sometimes struggle today from this hurt.But Jesus Christ came to both deliver and be our Rest from the Past. (Matthew 11:28-30)

B. Peace for Today

Life can be chaotic.  Storms in life do arrive and both anxiety and worry steal life. But Jesus Christ came to deliver us through and be our Peace for Today. (Luke 8:24 & John 14:27)

C. Hope for Tomorrow

Life can be a treadmill.  Bad news is abundant and life can seem like a bottomless pit creating discouragement and apathy.But Jesus Christ came to deliver and be our full life both here and in the age to come. Now that’s Hope for Tomorrow. (John 10:7-10 & 14:1-3)

Spring Life Church

Loving God ... Loving Each Other ... Loving You